Don Kasper, VP of Operations, discusses smart buildings with A&S Magazine Singapore

December 2017   |   Singapore

Ecorithm’s VP of Operations, Don Kasper discusses the drivers of smart buildings, how data can be used, and the importance of security with A&S Magazine Singapore.

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Ecorithm co-sponsors event in Australia with partner Controlworks

October 2017   |   Sydney, Australia

Ecorithm and Controlworks co-sponsored a networking event at the Pre-Loved Building Forum in Sydney, Australia. Ecorithm and Controlworks are partnered to bring advanced analytics and smart buildings to Australia and New Zealand.

Ecorithm attends 2017 Emerging Trends Summit in NYC

September 2017   |   New York, NY

Ecorithm attended the 2017 Emerging Trends Summit in NYC to participate in discussions on Disruption, Innovation, Technology in the Commercial Real Estate Market.

Don Kasper discusses Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics and it’s impact on facility management

September 2017   |   Vancouver Island, Canada

Don Kasper, Ecorithm’s VP of Operations, speak with Automated Building’s Ken Sinclair about Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics (AFDD) and its impact on facility management, building operators, and the current state of the industry. Kasper discusses how to get started in making your building smarter and the potential impacts no your buildings operations and management.

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Control Solutions Inc. names 18 startups at the forefront of smart building technology.

August 2017   |   Byron, Michigan

Smart buildings are the future. Here are 18 startups that are paving the way for smart technology in buildings.

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Intelligent Infrastructure – The trends, challenges, and future of smart building technology.

August 2017   |   Santa Barbara, California

Don Kasper, Ecorithm’s VP of Operations, discusses the past, present, and future of building system analytics and data-driven decision making with Distributed Energy Magazine.

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Controlworks has been recently appointed as the exclusive Australian and NZ partner to offer Ecorithm’s True Analytics™ platform.

July 2017   |   Sydney, Australia

Controlworks is a leader in building automation and energy management. Controlworks’ solutions help companies maintain safe, productive and comfortable work environments both within the building and beyond – reducing operating costs, optimising system efficiency and maximising return on investment.

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Dr. Michael Georgescu presents at CHESC 2017 on the success of monitoring-based commissioning at 4 UCSB campus buildings

June 2017   |   Los Angeles, California

Ecorithm’s Director of Engineering and Research, Dr. Michael Georgescu, presented on the topics of data acquisition and monitoring-based commissioning at the 2017 California Higher Education & Sustainability Conference held at UC Santa Barbara. The presentation included highlights from Ecorithm’s monitoring-based commissioning projects at 4 campus buildings at UCSB.

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Dr. Igor Mezic receives a $6.5 million research grant and accolades for his long-term contributions to applied mathematics

June 2017   |   Santa Barbara, California

There’s good news and more good news for UC Santa Barbara mechanical engineer Igor Mezić.
The director of UCSB’s Center for Energy-Efficient Design has received the 2017 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) award and a fellowship from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) in recognition of his long-term contributions to applied mathematics.

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StartUps and their Impact on Smart Buildings 2017

February 2017   |   Stockholm, Sweden

Over the last nine years, a plethora of venture-backed startup companies have targeted commercial and industrial building owners and operators with technology offerings aimed not just at reducing energy costs, but also improving facility management efficiency and real estate operations. Also in order to increase the performance of physical security and safety in buildings and offering smart building to smart grid applications.
More recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) has started to have a profound effect on the competitive landscape, as software platforms, advanced sensors and networking solutions enable a new range of data-driven solutions for buildings. New players are emerging offering innovative solutions and new business models, reflecting the market disruption currently underway.

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Infusing Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence – Feature article

July 2016   |   Vancouver Island, Canada

Ecorithm’s Senior Research and Technology Fellow, Dr. Sophie Loire and co-founders Dr. Igor Mezic and Dr. Chris Tagge discuss how and why machines must think more like humans to handle the complexity of building analysis and diagnostics in the July issue of Automated Buildings.

As anyone who endures a call with an automated customer ‘help line’ quickly learns, robots have a frustrating inability to understand sarcasm. It only takes a few minutes of the pseudo-friendly automaton cycling through endless menu selections to trigger a lunge for the 0 button and a desperate plea for ‘AGENT!’ Yet, we’re happily dependent on automation for much of our daily lives. We’re even becoming accustomed to the idea that self-driving cars will soon lower our insurance rates and enable virtually uninterrupted texting during waking hours. Automation is now so ubiquitous that it’s strange to think that we’re entirely at ease with the robots, until we have to talk to them.”

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Unconventional Analytics Yield Impressive Results! UCSB presented their success using Ecorithm’s True Analytics™ on the UCSB campus

July 2016   |   Los Angeles, California

UCSB and Ecorithm’s Director of Engineering and Research, Dr. Michael Georgescu, presented impressive results of Ecorithm’s “unconventional fault detection process” on Tuesday at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) held at Cal State Fullerton.

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Dynamic Machine Learning Enhances Building Controls – Feature article

May 2016   |   Washington, D.C.

Ecorithm co-founders Dr. Igor Mezic and Dr. Chris Tagge describe the underlying challenges of big data analytics in buildings, and how Ecorithm’s powerful solution integrates it with building expertise in an automated platform.

“Building Automation Systems (BAS) have long held the promise of networked equipment, continuous self-reporting, and optimized operation. The very name implies a substantial degree of autonomous intelligent action. Yet, as many owners have been shocked to learn, their big ticket BAS is far from a brain for the building. Rather, it is more akin to a very twitchy nervous system…”

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CEO Chris Tagge shared how Ecorithm’s unique approach to AFDD enables quick start up and scalability in an interview on Conference LIVE at Realcomm

May 2016   |   Washington, D.C.

CEO Chris Tagge was interviewed on Conference LIVE at Realcomm this May in Washington, D.C. Host Gerry Katzman was amazed to learn that Ecorithm can setup buildings and begin delivering valuable findings in as little as ONE day.

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Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic discusses the potential of smart buildings in a UCSB Engineering video short

May 2016   |   Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Igor Mezic – Ecorithm co-founder, UCSB engineering professor, Director of the Center for Energy Efficient Design, and Head of the Building and Design Solutions Group at the Institute of Energy Efficiency –talks about how data generated from smart buildings can eventually lead to automated systems that can help save energy and become more efficient in a short video created by UCSB’s Department of Engineering.

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Ecorithm’s Matt Kastantin speaks on Realcomm Webinar about the REAL success factors for an FDD solution

May 2016   |   Washington, D.C.

While there are a number of various functions and automated processes associated with smart buildings, building data and analytics are central to this discussion. Understanding that there is value in the vast amounts of data being generated by these new systems is a critical first step in creating a smart building. Data acquisition, normalization, prioritization and action are a few of the issues associated with analytics. This webinar provides insight into understanding this growing marketplace and the fundamental differences between available solutions, the enormous insight provided by this technology, integration opportunities and learning how to make analytics part of your strategy.

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Ecorithm Receives Most Disruptive Technology Award

February 2016   |   Central Coast, CA

The Pacific Coast Business Times, the weekly business journal serving Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties, announced Ecorithm has been selected to receive one of this year’s Central Coast Innovation Awards in the category of Most Disruptive Technology. The awardees included a series of tri-county companies, both startups and established, who are revolutionizing the way business is done in the region.

“When we saw Ecorithm’s nomination arrive, it went right to the top of our list,” said Henry Dubroff, founder and editor at Pacific Coast Business Times. “Adoption of its True Analytics platform by world class customers makes it a game changer in the area of building analytics.”

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Ecorithm Co-Founder, Dr. Igor Mezic, and VP of Sales and Marketing, John Morris Explain the Meaning of “True Analytics™”

February 2016   |   Vancouver Island, Canada

Dr. Igor Mezic, Ecorithm’s Chief Scientific and Technology Advisor & Co-Founder, and John Morris, VP Marketing and Sales, speak with Automated Building’s Ken Sinclair about what inspired Igor to develop Ecorithm’s technology, why Ecorithm is able to provide faster and more accurate results that other analytics companies, and why Ecorithm’s SaaS is necessary for the entire lifetime of the system.

“To come up with the solution, we had to think at both the micro and macro level and design the software platform to accommodate everything in between. We came up with a very modular design in which the underlying foundation filters through the noise of the massive data sets and recognizes key patterns. On top of that is a layer of domain expertise that includes the physics of how the ‘healthy’ devices and systems are supposed to operate. And resting on top of that is …”

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Ecorithm Identifies “Pressure Points” Contributing to Energy Waste

February 2016   |   Santa Barbara, CA

“Intelligence here is about taking all that data and making sense of it,” said Mezić, “so that you present five things to an engineer and say, you might want to pay attention to this.”

Marascuillo said Santa Barbara-based Citrix Systems, Inc. is a progressive “early adopter” of the technology, using Ecorithm for its buildings in North Carolina.

The small company of sixteen employees has also made use of its cloud-based software to take on India’s rapidly developing technology industry, including software company Infosys. Mezić said partnering with companies in developing countries could prevent them from being “penalized for uncontrolled growth” by curbing emissions and providing comfort.

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Dr. Igor Mezic and John Morris Discuss How Ecorithm Uses Dynamic Machine Learning and Built-In Domain Expertise

December 2015   |   Vancouver Island, Canada

Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic, Chief Scientific and Technology Advisor & Co-Founder, and John Morris, VP Marketing and Sales, discuss the challenges of applying automated analytics to building systems and how Ecorithm uniquely uses dynamic machine learning and built-in domain expertise to address those challenges.

“Building automation systems (BAS) have long held the promise of networked equipment, continuous self-reporting, and optimized operation. Their very name implies a substantial degree of autonomous intelligent action. Yet, as many owners have been shocked to learn, their big ticket BAS is far from a brain for the building. Rather, it is more akin to a very twitchy nervous system. …”

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Ecorithm President, Dr. Chris Tagge, featured on MSNBC’s Greenhouse with Tony Dokoupil

November 2015   |   New York, NY

Ecorithm’s software improves energy efficiency while remaining profitable for building owners and operators

“On a sweeping new legislation signed into law last month by Governor Jerry Brown, California must double energy efficiency in homes, offices, and factories. How can this be accomplished? The answer is not readily clear, but it’s a big part of reducing carbon emissions not only in California, but nationwide, and it’s also a big way to save money on electricity bills. Joining me now to talk about a new technology that could be the answer for California, and for the world, is Dr. Chris Tagge, President and Co-founder of Ecorithm.”

New York’s Tishman Family Turns to Real Estate Tech Startups

November 2015   |   New York, NY

Daniel R. Tishman Chairs California-based Ecorithm’s Board

New York’s Tishman family has been a major player for more than a century in the real estate world. Daniel Tishman, who plays several roles in the family business, stepped in as chairman of California-based Ecorithm this past January. Ecorithm’s software, which is based on a technology originally developed for optimizing the operations of jet engines, helps building heating, electricity, ventilation and other operating systems run as efficiently as possible. A growing number of landlords are focusing more on these systems to cut costs and give tenants a healthy place to live, work and shop.

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ecorithm award logo
Frost & Sullivan Applauds Ecorithm’s Innovation in the Advanced Analytics Market

September 2015   |   Mountain View, CA

Ecorithm’s innovative solution and lean organizational structure deliver a compelling and affordable solution

Based on its recent analysis of the advanced analytics market, Frost & Sullivan today announced that it is recognizing Ecorithm with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Visionary Innovation Leadership in Advanced Analytics. Ecorithm developed an extremely powerful platform that analyzes complex, dynamic systems with physics-based pattern recognition. Its True AnalyticsTM platform is both highly scalable and extremely flexible. Further, it has been built to process and analyze the vast quantities of data generated by the Internet of Things.

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GenNext-Ecorithm MoU to bring cutting-edge software technologies to India

September 2015   |   Mumbai, India

A venture capital fund backed by Reliance Industries Limited and a US-based technology firm have signed an agreement to bring into India cutting-edge software technologies that analyse complex, dynamic systems through physics-based pattern recognition.

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