Case Studies

Time Equities avoids $1 million in unnecessary costs through accurate system diagnosis
Time Equities

Ecorithm’s technology provides unparalleled insight into the operation of our facilities that was not possible before. It’s helping us solve HVAC balancing issues and drive decision making as we implement new control strategies.
Matthew Wallerstein - Construction and Asset Manager, Time Equities
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UCSB reduces energy costs while improving occupant comfort

Ecorithm’s True Analytics™ empowers our engineers with clear feedback on building performance.
Jordan Sager - Program Manager, Utility and Energy Services - UCSB
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Citrix improves operational efficiency by tracking vendor performance

Ecorithm simply helps us understand our facilities better. We continue to make our operational strategy more effective, ultimately leading to energy savings and occupant comfort.
Ray Hunting - Senior Controls Engineer, Citrix
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Infosys boosts team productivity by eliminating false alarms

Ecorithm’s level of detection and accuracy far exceeded our expectations; their platform is highly flexible and can be tuned for all the systems at scale.
Regional manager - Infrastructure & Green Initiatives, Infosys
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