Ten (thousand) reasons to be alarmed about alerts

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The prospect sounds beguilingly attractive: a slickly-designed window pops up on your smartphone, alerting you to some critical piece of equipment that needs your immediate attention. Or does it? In most cases, that’s your job to figure it out. You’ll most likely have to trudge over to said piece of equipment to investigate. With some experience, knowing that this is just a false alarm, you may just shake your head, mutter something and …

Believe your connected system is “smart”? Think again.

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The projected growth of the Internet of Things would have made Carl Sagan proud: “billions and billions” of devices and sensors, capable of communicating via the Internet. It is exciting to consider the benefits of being able to remotely communicate with each of these sensors and get access to important data. Benefits can range from improving operation of elevators or large air conditioning equipment, to ensuring wind turbines or solar farms in a remote area operate safely with no down time.

Merely connecting sensors to create a network only constitutes a nervous system. But are these connected systems “smart”? …