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    True Analytics™ for buildings delivers:

    • Occupant Comfort
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Extended Equipment Life
    • Portfolio-Level Insight

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    Automated Intelligence

    • Diagnoses new issues as they arise
    • Provides a feedback loop for monitoring implementation of corrective measures

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    Root Cause Analysis

    Filters out the noise of building operations to pinpoint only persistent and important issues

Ecorithm President, Dr. Chris Tagge, featured on MSNBC’s Greenhouse with Tony Dokoupil
New York, NY | November 19, 2015

Tony Dokoupil: California must double energy efficiency in homes, offices, and factories. How can this be accomplished? The answer is not readily clear. However, joining me now to talk about a new technology that could be the answer for California, and for the world, is Dr. Chris Tagge, President and Co-founder of Ecorithm.

New York’s Tishman Family Turns to Real Estate Tech Startups
New York, NY | Nov 1, 2015

Daniel Tishman, who plays several roles in the family real estate business, stepped in as chairman of California-based Ecorithm this past January.

Ecorithm Sets Record for Number of First Day Article Reads on AutomatedBuildings.com
December 2015

Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic, Chief Scientific and Technology Advisor & Co-Founder, and John Morris, VP Marketing and Sales, discuss the challenges of applying automated analytics to building systems and how Ecorithm uniquely uses dynamic machine learning and built-in domain expertise to address those challenges.

True Analytics

Ecorithm is transforming the way buildings are operated, maintained, and marketed. Our physics-based True Analytics™ platform leverages building sensor data to deliver the highest level of occupant comfort while cutting operating costs and furthering sustainability goals. True Analytics™ uses intellectual property originally developed in association with the U.S. Department of Defense to optimize fighter jet engines, allowing Ecorithm to provide the following:

Industry-leading Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD)

Comfort and HVAC System Optimization

Unmatched Building and Portfolio Level Insight

Why Do You Need Us?

  • The US DoE and EPA report that commercial buildings account for 46% of building energy use, 30% of which is wasted
    Source: GBSTATS
  • A majority of building occupants claim to be uncomfortable in their work environment, leading to low productivity – an expensive line item most businesses don’t even realize they are paying for
    BOMA e-book “What Tenants Want
  • Building stakeholders lack tools to fully understand the operational and comfort performance of their buildings, or benchmark their asset relative to the industry

Want to maintain an ideal indoor environment while minimizing energy use and maintenance costs and maximizing operational efficiency? See What We Do and Request a Demo

What Our Clients Say

  • Ecorithm provides powerful visualization and granular insight into building performance, which enables our team to run their buildings at top efficiency

    Jay BlackLEED® AP,
    Director of Sustainability,
    SL Green (NYC’s largest commercial property owner)

  • Ecorithm’s solutions were simple to implement and resulted in significant, sustained energy savings.

    Mike Cummings
    Director of Engineering,
    InterContinental Hotel New York Times Square

  • Ecorithm’s software identified multiple optimization opportunities in a LEED Platinum building that was already performing extremely well. The level of detection and accuracy far exceeded our expectations and were clearly superior to the other approaches.

    Senior Manager
    Infrastructure and Green Initiatives,
    Leading  Global Consulting & Technology Firm

  • Finally, advanced technology has come to building operations! Ecorithm’s software filters out the noise of building operations to quickly and easily identify performance issues.

    Scott Frank
    Senior Partner,
    Jaros Baum & Bolles (Engineers for the Bank of America Tower)
    Board Member,
    Urban Green Council

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