The Ecorithm Solution

Ecorithm’s patent pending technology is a result of more than 40 years of research and development by University of California, Santa Barbara scientists in association with top government agencies. The resulting set of algorithms enable the analysis of trillions of relationships between a building’s performance variables, delivering unprecedented visualization of energy inefficiencies and areas of compromised occupant comfort. Effectively, Ecorithm provides a building MRI, revealing hidden problems and opportunities for improved building performance that would otherwise remain unseen.

Big Buildings, Big Data, Big Solutions

According to the US Department of Energy, buildings are responsible for consuming 39% of all energy produced and waste 30% of that energy. Our big data solution, applied to commercial buildings of 10,000+ control points, enables rapid, comprehensive analysis that is impossible for alternative technologies to perform, as they only analyze tens of building parameters. Ecorithm's approach increases the granularity of vision inside building operations by a factor of 3 million, dramatically simplifying and accelerating diagnostics and therefore enabling engineers to proactively manage their buildings.



The Ecorithm Solution combs through buildings end-to-end identifying even the smallest areas of inefficiency.



The Ecorithm solution ensures your retail properties are always operating at peak efficiency regardless of how tenants change the configuration and use of their spaces.



The Ecorithm solution identifies any component of your HVAC not working to spec, avoiding system failures and equipment wear while making certain all spaces are optimally controlled to meet temperature and humidity requirements.


New Buidlings

The Ecorithm Solution, utilized once each tenant establishes their usage patterns and adequate trend data is available, optimizes HVAC efficiency and comfort for every space.